Fundamentalism is not rising. It has already risen. However, fundamentalism is a term that is viewed largely within a box. The scriptural fundamentalism to which so many people refer is only a facet of a larger construct of fundamentalism. One in which our "manifest destiny" as a democratic, capitalistic culture is equally a part. The hubris inherent in the discussion of fundamentalism is, quite frankly, astounding.  "Fundamentalism" refers popularly to literal translations of those scriptures, The Bible, The Talmuhd, The Koran, etc. Translations which present real problems, particularly in today's reality. But there is another, less celebrated form of fundamentalism, and that is the fundamentalism of capitalistic democracy. The hubris is there, the "destiny" is there, the "this way or the highway" is there. Where is the recoginition that this is as much fundamentalism as the Koran?