Freud believed in mental telepathy.  Can you?

Of course, I might properly have said "Freud accepted ..." rather than "Freud believed in ..."  And I might have made the point that Freud was driven reluctantly to that conclusion by actual experience during the treatment of patients.

But I'm not mainly asking about your judgment of an argument or a piece of evidence.  Instead, I'm asking if you are equipped to consider an argument or some evidence.  I'm asking about your larger paradigm and the firmness of your commitment to it.

Are you definitely committed to a worldview in which thought is less real than physical activity?  Or can you genuinely consider evidence that thought is a universal fundamental aspect of reality, perhaps that thought and physical existence are the same thing?

After all, if you genuinely considered this stuff and weighed it on the merits, you would be joining Einstein.

And would it perhaps at least give us some traction on explaining the mathematical nature of reality?