If you subscribe to the idea that God has bestowed free will upon us all and, simultaneously, maintain that he is omniscient to the degree that he is already aware of our decisions before we make them, then you are kidding yourself.


If you are at a crossroads and are wondering which direction to take, you can go east, west, north, or south, but God already knows you’re going east, can you make any other decision, but to go in that predetermined direction?


If you could, then God isn’t omniscient, but if you cannot, then you do not posses free will.


If there is a God, and this God does, in fact, have prior knowledge of our entire lives, then is it so radical of an idea to think we exist solely to carry out his intention? His will? Can it be taken further to say that we are an extension of his will? That God is akin to a 6 billon legged centipede like insect, with all of us, his many legs, scurrying about on a predestined course to get God where he needs to go? Are we all God?

 Or is it just more likely that religion is hogwash?