FREE AUTOMATED INFORMATION ORGANIZATION PROGRAM, a free site, can teach almost anyone how to logically organize a proof format (as an essay, speech, business memo etc,) for any fact, concept or idea in 5 minutes. In most conversations, the majority of the conversation deals with one person telling the other person why something is true; that is, giving reasons for it’s validity. That is all that we ask you to do on this site. We use the essay form because it is the most efficient form of organization available and we automate the organization so that you limit your statements to proving only the things that you have already stated were true. is an automated information organization program that is also of use for business reports, inter-office communications, special and rehabilitative education, as well as speech organization. uses an automated information organization program. It has been taught to 7 year olds, LD students, in hi schools for basic expository writing, as prep for the SAT and the ACT and as well as a college class. It has been used for interoffice communications, speech writing, and business, technical and scientific reports. The program also has applications for rehabilitative education. It can be taught to a varied group of individuals at the same time and each will learn to his or her own unique capacity. The Easy Essay is easy enough for the user to learn the process and make the use of the automated portion of the program unnecessary in situations where a computer is not at hand or if a teacher wants to make sure his/her students understand the process. For longer papers it can automatically expand into a 17 paragraph thesis. A noted side effect of the program is that users begin to communicate logically.