There are quite a few people who inaccurately dismiss evolution as a mere theory. They are using the word theory incorrectly however. A theory is a scientific conclusion based upon a lot of evidence after numerous tests. But their line of thinking would have you believe a theory is something similar to a hypothesis. "Oh that’s just a hypothesis," is a better way of stating what they’re implying.


To those people, I ask this; do you believe in gravity? Because guess what! Gravity is just a theory also. In fact there is more evidence in support of evolution than there is in the theory of gravity. Can you describe what gravity looks like to me? Draw me a picture of it. How does it smell? Etc, etc. We know it exists because we don’t all float away, but what is it? What is the source of energy for gravity? It depends on mass and distance, yes…but what causes it?


 So don’t be too quick to dismiss a theory because you misinterpret what the word theory means, you silly ignorant fools.