I recently switched to a reel lawn mower, and I am never going back. It is more advantageous in about every way. As long as your yard isn’t huge or horrible bumpy, you should give one a try. The Scotts Classic is a great choice for $130. You don’t smell like a mixture of gas and grass when you are done, you have a healthier, better looking lawn; they are super quiet so you can mow at 6am or 10pm; you can listen to music; they are awesome for allergies; you don’t have to rake up clumps of grass because there are none; and you never need to go get gas or oil before you mow. And, of course it is eco-friendly if you are into that.

The only negative is that people stare at you when they drive by, and your neighbors might ask questions. But, the neighbors sure will like your reel mower because you won’t annoy them with that loud noise and that cloud of blowing grass.