The name says it all, Every human being has some quality that separates them in a good way, Every time i've said this to someone i typically get hit with some statement like "well what about hitler eh?". Though i believe that he is a bad example he is human, so what is my response. It is "Yes he did terrible things, but if we look before that. He was a strong charismatic leader who led germany out of one of its darkest times. He rebuilt the economy from depression and made germany a strong nation again. Yes he went to far but if he had stopped before then. He would only be remembered as a great leader and nothing else."

The challenge arises when you are forced to look for special things in people. People  you care for and people you hate. When you can sit down and think about someone you despise and see the good in them, you know you are on the right path. When you understand that everyone has something in them that is good. You realise that hate is a pointless exercise.

Right so thats the basic arguement and the most common counter arguement dealt with. Now feel free to tear the rest of it to shreds :)