Sometimes, why do I always not to be able to lay down EVE in want me, but whenever I recalled and EVE in the together time, I would to think own choice wrong not. Last summer, the sun was very greatly and also was very dazzling, that was also I painful and joyful section of time. I was prepare to enter the college entrance examination place, but the before preparatory work was the suffering. The pressure from studies, let me lose the direction gradually, I had thought to give up, therefore then daily wallowed in the Internet bar. Until one day, I met the EVE propaganda playbill. I was charmed by that refined pictures from the very beginning. I started to pay attention to him. I was moved by it endlessly for knowing a little news of his. EVE lets me seem to see the dawn, I told me, must insist on studying for EVE. Then my study motive force has come back again. Later, I came into the examination hall with self-confidence. Later, I had got the admission notice of the university. Having finished doing in the test, a lot of people arranged the vacation in having a get-together and travel, but I chose EVE. I thank him that take my continues the determination. Therefore, I can do only is forever doing not give up him, forever accompany him. In the EVE game, I and my friends brush the pirate together, mines together to earn eve isk, dies together, every day has the innumerable anticipations. The friends do not realize to familiar at ever, finally becomes brothers who risk one's life and spend eve online isk, we can buy isk to every one. Each people is one that let me move the beautiful poem. I often buy eve online isk and cheap eve isk to support EVE. But to the present, the friends mostly leaved, I also thought to withdraw once, as soon as but thought that once that section of time my heart was the acid. I told myself, the EVE which I burst into tears affected have any reason not to support him. Therefore, regarding eve, I am still in yours world. Thanks you very much!