A student ministry should take time to make sure their kids are being trained to teach and serve others. A student ministry's purpose is not to invite kids in to entertain them, but to provide a training ground of teaching the Word of God to others. Students must be introduced in how to use their gifts and talents to minister to others. If this does not happen, the students of that ministry leave without any desire to minister themselves because their ministry was based on wrong foundations. Students must know what the Bible says and must be trained to communicate it to others. That is how disciples make disciples. Although most student leaders would agree, it can be confusing as to exactly how to train students to minister. One idea is to have students spend time with leaders outside of the youth group setting. Maybe training would work better in a one on one environment. I am open to ideas of how to train students for ministry either in the church or outside the church.Specifics that come to mind are how to get kids to teach the Bible and how to build community Any ideas would be helpful.