Almost all of the comments on this site (and in the mainstream media) provide solutions to global warming in two main categories: (1) legislation, policy-making, lobbying.  This relies on governments who often aren't receptive to making changes.  They're worried about damaging the economy or damaging relationships with various industries.  (2) individual consumption and relying on new technology.  Even though overconsumption and overproduction is one of the big factors that got us into this global warming mess, a lot of people are turning to the market to provide solutions: buy a hybrid car, buy new lightbulbs, off-set your emmissions.  There's no doubt that these can have an impact, but they also require more production, which creates more emissions and pollution.  I'm not saying that (1) or (2) is wrong, but what about community projects?  What are people doing as groups or communities to help the environment?  For example, some people are making connections between our reliance on multinational corporations and pollution, and they're finding alternative ways to get what they need.  If we can find ways to produce more things locally, outside of the corporate/capitalist model, we can go a long way in helping the environment, and we won't have to rely on corporations or governments to take action.  What kind of environmental projects are going on in your community outside of governments and corporations?  How are these initiatives helping the environment?  Have you heard about interesting projects underway elsewhere?  Where I live, we're trying to start an organic community garden and a clothing-swap, which will reduce our environmental impact by allowing us to get some of our food and clothing locally, in a carbon-neutral way.