When Big Think challenged facebook members in Europe to come up with what environmental goals we would like to see reached through the European Union I realized, Air Pollution is my nightmare lately.

I would be wearing a light white mask to protect my nose and mouth Everywhere, if only my family would walk with me instead of so many meters ahead of me.

In Connecticut I wore the small masks when my allergies became particularly unbearable due to traffic and city pollution reaching our lovely little place of green in the valley between New York City and Boston.  My younger daughter, still small, didn't mind when I wore the mask, she just commented, "Mom, the mask makes you look Chinese."

I'm now thinking of investing in the manufacturers of those masks whenever a windfall blows my way because they are becoming more and more popular in more and more places.

Here's my wish list for E.U. environmental goals.  They are also personal goals and may be acted upon by one person or more in a community!

1. Cleaning up the air by a great mass transit system throughout Europe.  We have our E.U. passport, now we want our E.U. transport!

2. Clean up polluting vehicles using the streets.  Lots of people can't afford new vehicles.  Maybe help in purchasing new mufflers, catalytic converters or new vehicles is the solution.

3. Mandatory bike paths and walking paths everywhere.

4. Continual improvement of soil conditions with compost, earthworms, manure, legumes, crop rotating.

5. Continual cooperation and improvement of water management plans.

6. Initiating a program to not only prevent fires but also to put the fires out once they have started.  Spot fires faster, have enough fast reaction fire fighters, trucks, helicopters and planes ready.  Have water tanks sited in towns and villages so residents can start putting out the fire immediately.  Plus buffer zones around towns and homes to slow down and perhaps prevent fire from reaching homes. 

What am I missing?