I registered in the game not long time ago. I had many things to do at first. I can level up my combat level, pray level, attack level and so on. If I got some points in the game my account level would be higher. So I usually joined in some fight. I could get some experience. My friends told me I can sell the experience for runescape gold. I had to play more often to get some more experience, and my character would be more powerful.I had a friend in the game. He is American. He played the game longer than me. He asked me to buy power leveling playing. But I did not know about that. He told me there would be professional player play the account for me. He can make my account higher in short time. Then I can do many things I can not do now. I asked him how much rs gold it would cost. He said he knew a company which supplier that in reasonable price. He bought then power leveling from them before. Then he told me the URL of the site. I logged in and contact the customer service. I made an order of one day, 24 hours, that just cost me little money. It was really cheaper than other company I met before. The customer service worker told me it would start in half an hour. You could go on playing half an hour. I would call you to log off if the worker were ready. The customer service worker told me softly. I said ok. I wanted to buy runescape. I thought the price was a little high. The price of this site was the cheapest I knew. My friend said this company usually supply discount. He had got the discount several times. He bought his runescape money from this site always. He was the regular customer of this company. Every time if they were short of money they would refund the customer at once. It sounds good. I hope what he said was true.Just a little time passed, the worker contacted me to log off my account and told me to contact them in 2 days. They promised everything will be ok then. I contacted them in 2 days to ask about my account power leveling. They said it was ok just now and I can log in my account now. Cheap rs gold, good customer service. I like it.