I've always thought my staying on earth, that is the fact of being human, meant to act as we could contribute in shaping the history of the universe. Well, if I look at what we've done so far, I'm afraid I'd be ashamed of being human and what's worst I feel I've not contributed enough as to improve our humanity. I can't stand the idea of people suffering, dying and perhaps not evn knowing what's life is about and me, or rather us, wasting our time thinking, commenting, losing evry hope to change things. Education is the main tool to make a fresh start as well as empathy toward everything we cannot understand or even imagine. The only thing I feel like doing now is getting deep into philosphy works and first of all improve myself so as to offer a hand to the world. I don't wanna die thinking I was one of thousands who didn't enev try to understand, to live different lives...We should learn how Africans perceive life by being Africans, to live under bomb attcks by being a refugee, to smile only because a ray of light touches our skin...it's not only words at least it must not be only speculative thinking..let's share and strat make a difference!