"Ecological artworks are imaginative expressive "forms", through the medium of Nature, of our cosmic space, of a eulogized space we call "home", subjective images of our "interaction" with its natural processes. Ecological Art is a meditation on our existence in Nature through Nature, and so, the symbol is Nature itself, or is contained in it. The interested observer will not say: "this means Nature" but.."Look, this is Nature". An identification of symbol and meaning underlines this relationship.The principle of "creation" is the same in all the arts, because every work of art is wholly a creation. But a far-reaching principle may be considered in order to understand cross-relationships among the arts: Langer's principle of assimilation--poetry and music united in song, plastic art and music in dance, poetry and painting in a play with scenery, or all the arts creating opera. Ecological Art assimilates the "poetic imagination" and incorporates it among its formal elements."