Dualism vs. Materialism


Dualism is an idea that there is a Body and there is a seperate Soul. Materialism is the idea that consciousness is created by the body in your brain. They are both still strong ideas in the minds of humans but which one is right?


Dualism is in a way incorporating a divine energy with our mechanical bodies. We are given a soul by our creator and it is separate from the know physical world.


In materialism the idea is that we are just a body. The body is able to do a lot of very complex things though. Through the processes of our brain we are all given the experience we call life. Materialism is saying that are brains contain and regulate the chemicals and energy that is often referred to as a soul.


I personally think that materialism is the most logical but I still am interested in the possibility of more to our existence. I do want to try astral projection and I would like to believe in an afterlife but I don’t really BELIEVE in anything.