Once upon a time there was a friend of a friend of mine who all of  a sudden was abandoned by his wife.  Ever since he has been getting drunk  at night, every single day of the week, while crying and moaning about his runaway wife.  Fist observation: while he is drunk and drinking, he is totally absorbed by the thought  of his wifeIn the morning, every single day  of the week, he can  be found in the coffee shop  drinking gallons of black coffee, with a squeeze of lemon, which is known to take care  of hangover and headache from the  excessive drinking of the night before. Second observation: while he drinks gallons of coffee he is solely absorbed by the need to get rid of his headache and does not even remember his runaway wife.Now comes the question which I have received in the mail from Ipotetico, this friend of mine, and an acute observer of human behaviour:Is it true that “one drinks in order to forget” or rather isn’t it true that “one drinks in order to have that type of headache which does help to forget the reason why one wanted to get drunk in the first place?“Coffee better than alcohol”  or“Pain kills pain”  as the old sage would say?