Science have grown much higher than man can ever think, we have theories and explanation for almost every quires. Man thinks that he knows everything and he have answers for every query.  Do he know what is a religion, who is god, where he is?. No one have time, No one will put effort to guide others, everyone are selfish in one or other aspects. The human, the only physical creatures with the ability to think, reason, plan and design, come to conclusions based on acquired knowledge!! But he is Duff. Why he is not thinking in the right path. Do we need religion, do we need prophets, do we need man-god, if all of those end up in fights for power and wealth. Every single prophets /man-god have tried to bring peace and prosperity, they have tried to guide us to right path, but we never try to learn what intension was there. All religions are good, but we should understand what it is , before following it. Never blindly believe whatever religions follow. Try to interpret it and try to understand what prophets/man-god actual intension was. Let me make it my intension clear before continuing......I want to bring all members who thinks alike under one window, which can help create a vibration of love and peace, to make this world a better place to live on." Or guide to a group/forum where i can share my ideas and help this world to attain peace and prosperity.Please check my blog and share your ideas


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