If anyone dosnt kn0w what dmt stands for it stands for "Dimethyltryptamine". I want to kno what people think about the human mind, what happens on dmt, Only reason i ask this is  because when we sleep were bascily tripping on DMT witch takes us out of our world and into a dream world, Is the dream world fake? or when we are "awake" were acutaly dreaming this world up? Are dreams apart of a differnt dimension that we travel to every night? i know when people smoke DMT they littarly say they wernt high.. they were in a differnt dimension ACUTALY TALKING to creatures from the dimension, PLUS everone who ever smoked dmt had the exact same trip? can anyone add anything that would intrest me more about DMT and dreaming.. or add more confusing knowledge about how messed up and how big of a wonder life acutaly is?