With diesel fuel becoming more interesting I was recently thinking "what if diesel would become the most prevalent power source for autos? I think that it would increase demand for fat. All kinds of fat from hydrogenated oils, animal fat and more would be immediately purged from consumer food sources because it would probably become more profitable for manufacturers to create for bio-fuel. So we would see a trend of companies like McDonalds, BK, KFC, Nabisco, Pepsi's Lays potato chips and others finding it harder to get hydrogenated oils and they would be forced to come up with news ways to create the products that people love. In time we would see a newer era of product that would be labeled low fat or light because it would be the normal new formula. A shift would be made, and we would quickly see many people becoming more healthy, losing weight cause the FAT wouldn't be there anymore. Furthermore, healthy oil like olive oil could be made off limited for fuels increasing the intake and further helping the obesity problem. Ides?