Didier Grossemy says that when using the Digital space to comunicate you have a very short time to make an impression and create an understanding of your offer. A matter of fact studies shows that you only have 6.3sec before they leave your page. says didier grossemy

It is crucial for your customers to understand that they are getting a service or product that has a unique value/selling proposition . Didier Grossemy provides you below a simple way to build it and start e-transforming your business says didier grossemy.


  • What does it do?
  • What is it called?
  • What so special?


Problems Solution

  • Is there a problem to fix ?
  • Does our product or service fixing it?


  • How does it resolve the problem?


  • Having it versus not having it?
  • How does it fix your problem?


  • How does it make my life better?

Need Fulfilled

  • What emotional or perceived need is fulfilled by this benefit?


  • What is the proof or fact?

    Your USP should be short, sharp and deliver a clear message to your target market. More from Didier grossemy Blog.


  • By creating emotional needs you generate the needs to have.

USP’s Role

  • Capturing your attention
  • Building credibility
  • Engaging with customers
  • Creating demand
  • Adding perceived value

Didier Grossemy says, remember, most clients don’t understand your benefits unless you clearly spell it out, so constantly presenting your USP on your web pages and digital marketing activities will create clarity about your company.

Article written by: Didier Grossemy