First off let me apologise. this isn't an idea it's a Rant!

My son, 5 years old, diagnosed at 18 months with Type 1 diabetes has just started school (a little over 2 weeks ago).

Teacher and principal very supportive, until today when the principal informed me that the board of management refused to indemnify the teacher.

My son can check his own blood sugars, interpretation of the results is done by me or my partner based on a text.

The Board of management's concern appears to revolve around indemnity (insurance? afraid i'll sue them....????)

There is also the concern that the teacher has enough to deal with a class size of 27 (i can relate to that)

from reading literature online from the department of education and health and children the school at very least appear guilty of neglect "neglect is normally defined in terms of an omission, where a child suffers significant hamr or impairment of development by being deprived....."

Physical abuse definition includes

"allowing or creating a substantial risk of significant harm to a child"

 you probably aren't aware about diabetes at the level i am, so allow me to quote the principal.

 "if he goes into a coma our normal emergency procedures will come into play"

 Anyone else consider a coma to be substantial risk???

I am going to end the rant becuase i could go on and lecture about physical, emotional, social, psychological development all being hindered by the approach the 'board of management' want to apply.

 Joe, Ireland!