I believe it is time to explain some of the stuff that I say on this website because none of you (maybe some of you) know what I'm talking about that often because most of the time when I post something saying "density" in it nobody really aknowledges my comment.

First off there are 7 densities.

Density 1 is the foundation density.

Density 2 is the seeking of self-awareness density.

Density 3 is the self-aware density.

Density 4 is the density of love or understanding.

Density 5 is the density of wisdom.

Density 6 is the density of unity.

Density 7 is the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Everything is capable of all 7 densities, everything.

Each of the 7 colors of the rainbow, which is white unified light through a prism of some sort, relate to each density.  Red being 1st, orange being 2nd, and so on.  Therefore light is the foundation for everything.

The earth during its foundation density held wind, water, earth, and fire, the basic elements.  When the basic elements seeked out more light and earth was capable of activating its second density, single-cell organisms were created that were on a path to self-awareness leading to more advanced organisms like the dinosaurs who were seeking self-awareness.  Now the earth is in it's 3rd density with beings that are self-aware, which are us-humans.  Next up is the fourth density of love which there is a positive path and a negative path.  The earth is going to the positive path, which is the path of loving/understanding your other-selves (other people).  The people who are on the negative path (which is about 10% of the people who ascend) will no longer exist within the earth's sphere.  The negative path is love of self in which you don't recognize others as being your equal and you manipulate others to make your life easier.  So therefore the illuminati (the Rockefellers and Rothschilds) will no longer be in our presence once the earth ascends to it's 4th density body.

The 7 chakras in the buddhist religion relate to the 7 densities for the human mind/body/spirit.  Therefore the enlightened buddhists are other-selves who have attained the know-how of intelligent infinity and still live on our planet.  I myself am not a buddhist so please don't say I am pushing Buddhist beliefs on you I am just informing you of what densities are, so whenever you read my comments and it says the word density now you will understand.

Thank you my friends, love and light to all.