Why is it so hard to see that regenerative medicine could regenerate an immune system?

What am I trying to rant about again?

translation: HIV is curable via genomic/regenerative medicine (stem cells) The new cells would make a new immune system.

What are the downsides? A new immune system still has the potential to be weakened by a virus that mutates over time, which means that treatment would perhaps have to be repeated over the course of the patients life.

So is that really better?


Treatments already have to be repeated so many times in the first place, regenerative medicine would already be much more efficient, given the frequency of the treatments.

So many special gay men have already fallen by the wayside due to the government, pharmaceuticals, and insurance. Those are the 3 evil powers keeping people sick. Why have all these industries popped up and stayed around when they're only full of evil.

All I want is to help people.