I've been researching differences found among democrats and republicans based on many things: demographics, religion, salary, race, etc...and the one encompassing difference that seems to pervade is a general Mindset gap.  Granted, Mindset is a broad term, but to me it best describes the wedge between our two very different major political parties.

I see family-centric, "Solid-Truth"-driven perceptions and often a tribalistic "US vs. THEM" beliefs amongst more conservative people.

 Amongst liberal-minded people, there is more emphasis on the individual versus the family, but also less tribalistic, more inclusive mindset when it comes to different types of people.  There is also a more "relativistic" perception of truth.

 It's dangerous to try to put people into two boxes and apply that to everyone, so there are of course many exceptions, but I feel this is the general trend.  What do you think?