What do you value about what you do? © 2005

This may seem a simple question, yet over the last few years I have not encountered a person who says they have ever been asked this nor have they fully asked this of themselves to a clear understanding. (Hint: There is not absolute correct nor incorrect answer to this question, it's about the sincere connection being established)

This is an example of striving to start at a true beginning point in communication with others, as opposed to where we start from on average; from 'our' point of current experience, knowledge and capability.

Take the typical salesperson as a blatant example, in sales we are taught to prepare, be knowledgable, organize, be personable, employ cleverness and control the situation with intent to 'close' the situaton, actually forcing the agreement. Is this what anyone is asking for on the receiving end?

No wonder, Sales Guru Jeffery Gitomer has straightforwardly explained,"No one likes to be Sold something, yet everyone love's to Buy." (for they own reasons, not a salespersons) It is quite the quandary when you think about it. Sales people sell, sell, sell and no one (who is being honest) likes it. Yet, all a sales person has to do to evolve into a true 'consultant' or 'relationship partner' is to learn that starting part-way-in based on their own intents is not the best or appropriate place to begin when seeking another person's or company's agreement.

I teach firms and individuals how to start at a true, honest beginning and discover the 'buying' mode of those they seek to provide solutions too. © 2005-2008