First of all I have to declare that most of the following writings are from my recollection of un-published research (since I came back to US, I’d lost most of my papers!)

The conditioning great and psychologist B.F. Skinner once he boasted he could cloned any behavior he wanted. He even used his daughter as his experimental subject!However, human’s free will and free choice in cognitive science proved in a certain degree he was wrong. Yet, to my interest, the “conditioned conscious” may sometimes affects the behavior in very subtle way, even the free will cannot control or self-aware.

Very present Case study one: I dreamed a dream, Susan Boyle.(In this Madoff age I assumed the latest Britain’s Got Talent was not pre-arranged!). An ordinarily, losing hair, fat and squared face woman, for most conditioned concept arising form a conditioned conscious, she just a funny lady who happened to dream to be Elaine Paige! No one seems to care! However, BOOM! BOOM! MY GOD, even the so-called, Talent –sought- judges (judge should be fair! Not any pre-conditioned concept but not these Three) become conditioned fools!NOW! They all admitted Susan Boyle is a real deal they have ignored when she first staged on the stage before he sang! Now. Susan Boyle is sensational story! Interest Readers please hit CRY ME A RIVER, Susan Boyle in YouTube! (Again, I assume this Singer is a real Susan Boyle, not a mischief in YouTube!). I admit her angelic and pure voice as well as her interpretation skill even better then the posthumous, America Singer Eva Cassidy. (Though Eva never sang Cry me a River!)

Present case study two: The Conditioned fools of CEOs of Yahoo and JAVA.Their conditioned conscious told them: never cooperated with the Big Boys, they are rivals, they want to wipeout us! Rejected! Microsoft and IBN! There is no surprise, even the most clever like Jerry Yang, the former CEO of Yahoo and the Present CEO, Jonathan Schwartz and Chairman, Scott McNealy of Java, make those foolish decisions-their conditioned- conscious affected the behavior- rejected $23 a share and $9.4 a share from MSFT (by Yahoo) and IBM (by Java). The worst, after their self-destruction,in those cases they beg their rival came to the table to re-negotiate!Mis-Conditioned conscious bred mis –behavior!

The most successful case study: Former Vice-president Dick Cheney and his Disinformation Unit! After 911, they used the most hyped theory: WMD, most –buy-language: patriotic, most significant symbol: a national flag of lapel! To ignite the public “conditioned conscious”, they even used Colin Powell to boast the WMD case in United Nation!

Result: Almost 99% all media, intellectualists and Viaga-injected Pundits shouted: WAR! WAR! WAR!Yes, now we suffer $3 Trillions dollars of war, a big recession and America lost eight year! We are all conditioned fools!

Like the rolling eyes, giggling mouth, ticking eyebrows, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, judges of Britain’s Got Talent. Again, we all are conditioned fools.

How about humble pie and Cry me a river?

How do you know there is “conditioned conscious” existed? Do not ask! I would tell later in Bigthink, if the Reader want to know more! (One thing for sure, conditioned conscious is different from the Sigmund Freud’s subconscious, as far as I can tell!)