If 'God is love' as if often posited on this site, then what conditions are attached? The inclusivist monotheists would possibly say there are none? ie. Yahweh, Yahweh V.2 (Jesus), Yahweh V.3 (Allah),  loves us no matter what, and even non-believers like me can get a ticket to the post mortal dance. Yet most believers attach conditions to this love, some to do with how we behave in our lifetimes, so that we may be rewarded in the invisible hereafter. Some do so on the basis of supposed holy books, which are seen as instructional and a guide to living. Even the esoteric disciplines have this tradition of ascribing value to behaviour before an etherial reward for a 'soul' is gained.

What purpose does it serve for men to direct their love skyward only to be met with silence? what compells people to carry on, swallowing the lie that the silence is part of the test? why spend the fruits of the better part of our nature, empathy and love, on so indifferent and silent an entity as any to be found in every holy book ever written? The sky is wide and beautiful and outside us, and it is ours for a time to savour, but heartfelt love is from within, with a copyright marked 'human race' and should be valued as the best part of us, earned and returned by humans only.