The people of California have disinvested in the state's children. Why? They don't like them. There is a thin thread of racism that has pushed taxpayers into renouncing their responsibilities for the future of the state. How can the children be made more likeable so that the voters become enthusiastic about supporting them? Answers: compensatory education and personal responsibility. The children in the public school system must rise to an acceptable level of academic performance through additional education. The children must also be held responsible for their poor performance. If they receive an F or a D in a course, they should "repay" the taxpayers for their poor effort by either paying for the course failed or working in the school a certain number of hours to "pay" through their labor for the cost of the F or D that the taxpayers must bear. Both parties: taxpayers and children must take responsibility for the future of the state. We can't give up on our own people and import university students and future leaders. This seems to be the current policy. It is wrong-headed.