In the world, every body does have his own beautiful memory and someone will become the most important person in his life. As for him who is my best friend, he is not except one and he has a very special experience as his growth. In my mind, he is not a talkative boy that he has very few friends to play with. But one person is not included who is his grandmother. Because of some reasons, he is left to his grandmother and grew up under the help of her. In other words, he seldom sees his parents and his grandmother is the intimate and important people in his memory. In the house of his grandmother, if he wants to get something that he likes, his grandmother will do her best to satisfy his request.Because I am his only friend, I usually share everything fresh with him and he is glad to play with me. Just four years ago, I knew a game from my schoolmates who said that the game is attractive and people can only use the rappelz rupees to enter into the so called account and then play with a lot of people who I would see never. When I got the news, I told it to him right away and teach him how to play it. Besides, after listening to my introduction, he asks his grandmother for some money to buy the rappelz gold. Because his grandmother loves him and in order to satisfy his demand, she made a quick answer and promised that she would be pleasure to take part in the game with us. As the agreement, I told him how he can get the rappelz money and made good use of the money that his grandmother gave him to buy the cheap rappelz rupees. In the end, his grandmother and we tried our best to learn how to do well in the net game. Because his grandmother was too old and did not have much understanding on the net, not referring to the net game, she did very badly in the unreal kingdom and caused our upset. But we had inhibited the unhappy mood and did our utmost to help her learn how to buy rupees fully to equip her army. To our surprise, his grandmother made a great progress on the net game and got the appreciation from our partners.In the rest life, he becomes much happier than before because the net game has come into his world.