In today's society we have religions of all kinds and new ones forming everyday...And in Canada you have freedom of religion...So does this mean if I formed a new religion called clowns of the cloak. In this new religion it was a rule to wear our clown suits every day at 2 oclock does that mean no matter where I work , would I be allowed to wear it because of freedom of religion....? this is my question...? how far could we take it...If I became a police officer could I wear it? or a judge? or the priminister...If people want there religion then they should be able to have it but not if it affects or changes other peoples customs or historical ways.   Something as simple as a person taking a weekend job as a seven day adventist and only having to work sunday while everyone  else at the company has to work both days...there are a thousand examples of religion conflicting with work, school, uniforms, ect. but how far do we let it go...On unemployment : the question are you ready willing and able to work...A seven day adventist can not answer this truthfully, is he "able" or "willing" to work on saturday....can a muslim that must wear his turbin become a surgen and wear his turbin in surgery.? And do they have to wear bike helments?