Over the last few weeks, President Obama has been beset on all sides with calls for a more hopeful tone, one more in keeping with the tenor of his campaign. Now former Pres. Clinton has joined the chorus, in this interview from Good Morning America.

Yet, one need only watch Obama's chief economic adviser, Larry Summers, discuss the stimulus to see why the Presidet is trying to keep a sober tone.  The Administration is winging it and necessarily so — there is no guide to priming the economy when it stalls out.

There is, however, a tried and true path to prosperity in the longrun, which focuses on finding value by creating news idea or learning to do more with less. In a word, innovation, as shepherded by the entrepreneur. The sooner the President starts using his power and pulpit to summon our entreneurial spirit, as Mike Bloomberg did just yesterday, he won't have to worry about sending the wrong message due to the vagueries of hope.  Indeed, with the tools and inspiration to fix our problems, we'll have taken an important step beyond hope, toward a real optimism.