Without the net game, I will never see her who has been my best friend in the unreal world of the game. To tell the truth, I do not have many friends in reality because I am not a talkative girl. Out of bored days, I contact the net game under the help of my brother who is the old player to use the Scions Of Fate gold to enjoy himself.At the beginning of the trip in the game, I do not have command of the game and the SOF gold so that nobody is willing to do some tasks with me but my brother. Because my brother has been in the net game for a long time, he has very rich experience and a lot of friends who often play with him. On seeing my low level, he introduces him named rain to me. He is a very humor boy and sometimes tells me some wonderful stories to make me laugh all the time. After chatting with him for several times, I find that he is very considerate man. For example, when I waste some Scions Of Fate money to finish some tasks, he will give me some good ideas to escape using large number of gold to reach that goal but invite him to help me to complete that task. With his favors, I become familiar with the game quickly and improve the level of the character.To my surprise, I get a lot of cheap SOF gold on my birthday. But getting the news that he sends to me from my brother, I will never know who gives me the gift. I am very moved by his behaviors and want to thank him very much. On hearing my thanks, he smiles warmly and tells me that he hopes that I will be his girlfriend in the game. Maybe, it is too sudden for me to answer him as quickly as I can. I do not say anything but smile at him. In fact, I have owned my boyfriend in reality and I do think that he is only my brother in the game.In order not to hurt him, I make a decision that I will be willing to be his sister not the lover and wish that there is the chaste friendship between us for ever. When he listens to my explanation, he seems very sad but promises that he still will buy sof gold for me in the game because he does not want to destroy the relationship between us.