The two remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination are averaging over $1million / day (each) and have amassed over a quarter billion dollars since the process began. I think this is an inefficient allocation of funds. What if... What if people used this money to fund non-profits and other organizations with charitable status?

Individuals should be able to donate funds "In support of" their candidate. Participating organizations should sign-up with an oversight committee which publishes (and has impressive media connections) on a weekly basis the amount of money that has been donated for each particular candidate. 

The advantages of this system over pouring money into commercials and direct mail NOBODY wants anyway are phenomenal. The use of the money could go into renovations for sites on the national historic register, highschool sports programs, cancer research, pre-school education, land conservation or the Rotary Club. These donations could fill some significant gaps in our communities and the candidates would still get recognition and media attention they so crave.

Lets use the billion dollars that is likely to be provided by normal Americans and spent by our politicians in this upcoming elections to better OUR country as we see fit.