How is it that no one has said a word about this? The supreme court has determined that people using marijuana for medical purposes are not protected from being fired from their employer because it is in their system. According to the supreme court decision, people should only be using medical marijuana if they are unemployed.

So many people suffer from chronic pain day in and day out, some of these people cannot take painkillers for long periods of time without dependence or intestinal problems. Use of marijuana for chronic pain works extremely well and only has mild side effects when compared to opiates.

Other then pain medical marijuana is also used to treat many more conditions such as: depression, glaucoma, eating disorders, insomnia, nausea, and others. Doctors are most likely to prescribe the drug that works best for each patient. Medical marijuana is not always the best for each situation, but if a doctor determines that marijuana is best for your situation then shouldn't that patient be protected from termination, withen reason.