Leave Britney alone!

This is actually a pretty good statement. Why in this country the personal destruction and humiliation is prime time news? We are we such a sick nation that we feed on the suffering of others like a Vampire feasting on the blood a new born baby?

Britney Spears has some Serious medical problems, I believe that it is post pardom depression. Has anyone bothered to care. No, Even Doctor Phil, Tried to jump on the Publicity Whore tour bus, And failed. Why hasn't anyone, honestly opened their arms, or extended a hand to help this girl. Is the media and the Poparazzis hoping for a total meltdown in which she throws herself off the top of a building? Many woman suffer from this condition, and recieve help. But no one seems to want to help Miss. Spears, Not even her parents.

This poor girl needs help. people need to stop laughing, critizing, and judging this poor girl, and realize that if someone doesn't step in soon, it will be too late.

So Yes I agree, America, Leave Britney alone!