Teachers Police An other Professional are getting Brakes and incentives to live in areas with in and near what was and is building away from with redevelopment as always what was low income depressed areas are bought cheap and government funds make investments a life  more affordable for those with the know how to rebuild make future plans and get a start on there future progress plans golds along with there careers now where do most of the people go when redevelopment comes well to start another low income area sometimes the address is the one the new redevelops just moved from and now the Government will pay for there tenants with Section 8 Vouchers.

How about building Business offices where redevelopment is  and build low income areas around them have after school programs within these buildings computer training  resource center and let the children grow up in unprofessional environment. seeing professionals daily learning trades and seeing business run around them .

People need to be exposed to not only the environment or culture they are part of but also the business profession technology and daily work ethic long before they go for the first interview and job or start of there career understanding others cultures team work scheduleselides time management being open to positive correction the doe's and don-ts of the professional environment how to dress greet and meet others the information highway is to be exposed and shared by all in future if it is not millions will be as I remember when coming up illiterate so to speak . So how about changing the trend and bring all citizens in to computers technology and expose them to unlimited resources and knowledge while learning to cope in professional environment and deal with other people and cultures also its easy to train children they just soak up what they are exposed to I will help to push this idea and also train and ready our future professionals