I am a 22 year old computer support technician that has a major history in the study of the arts and sciences. I have amazing ideas and inventions that are proven by previous technology but the process to put them together is what they lack for major breakthroughs. Just as a example, I have idealized the process of removing pollution from all types of industries. From restaurants to coal refineries, this would be a affordable, easy, and low upkeep process that would significantly reduce pollution from these industries. Another idea I would throw out there just to show the broad these inventions I have cover. The ability to monitor mortar fire by triangulating the position of the arc to find out where, if not exactly, where it was fired from. I have a million ideas for a million things but there is no future for this for these ideas if people continue not to listen. My question would be how would someone with my lack of credentials and college education be taken seriously with these serious inventions? And as a follow up question is this really something I should continue to invest time into? Is there a future with someone with my education as a inventor? I know it would be possible if someone would take notice, but for the years I have tried it has yet to succeed.