How long is a year, as if in the blink of an eye? Time flies, I clear remember last year I come into the company, at the moment, I have stayed in the company for a year. The New Year will come; I have a long-year-old. I grow up; I should think of the way next year, at the same time, I should make a plan.

  At the moment, I will book the ticket. On account of there are a lot of people go home, at that time the train must be full of the people. So I must make preparation for it, in order to I have a seat. At present, I also buy the knight gold, because of that when you stay at home, you will feel boring, at that time, I think a lot of people will choose to play the game. At that time, so many people want to have the knight noah, so I must buy it ahead of the schedule.

Remember that the first time I played knight. At that time, my colleague entrance examination end up for a short time. I had nothing to do. I felt very boring. Every day I looked at the computer in order to spend the boredom day. My sister introduced me to play a game called knight. At the beginning, I bought some knight online noah. Perhaps the reason I am not play the game before, not like play the game might be the reason, more than a week I just passed 12 levels. I feel very confused. Kind of like the impulse to give up. But every time to see my sister, she always said that she and me more or less the same when we can go on mission when she said this words I have a drum that momentum. So I also bought cheap knight gold I wanted to catch up with her. But I always think so; my dream was not come true. I was very hurry.

  At the beginning, I played the game, the course was very hard. I should training the power leveling every day. But at the moment, it is easy. I have already control the skills, I have became a master. Even though I have knight online gold accompany with me, it has already become a habit, and I do not use it often. The New Year, I will consider the way of my work, at the same time, I will make conclude of my way on the knight.