Purpose: To solve the dead -locked nomination of the Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


1. Known: McCain is the GOP Candidate.

    Unknown:Probably, in August Democratic Convention either  Hillary or Obama will be the Candidate. 

2. Known: In Maths, either Hillary or Obama can get the majority  magic no. 2024 for nomination. Even after redo the Michigan and Florida Primaries and either Hillary and Obama will gives up.

   Unknown:Before Convention,  the superdelegates will  not  cast their vote to Obama or Hillary.

3. Known:According to the latest poll, either Obama or Hillary can beat McCain. Democrats no need to waste money and time in the non essential primary.

   Unknown: Due to the recession, no guarantee money will come easy to Democrats.

Conclusion: After Pennsylvania Primary and the result is known, the DNC should call the  super-delegates and decision should be made to choose Hillary or Obama be the nominee in the end of April or in the early of May! After Pen's primary, the rest Primary may be canncelled. And the redo of Michigan and Florida primaries should not proceeded.  Money is an essence, time is essence too. Howard Dean should find a solution! Here is the one!!!