Largest Award in History!!!


There are two awards that are being contacted this week. These awards are in the public domain and VERY REAL. The person going after these awards like Ron. and thinks he is seeing the same matrix.

One is the James Randi award. This award has been around since the 60's it is now known as the Million Dollar reward.

The reward offer will be given to anyone that proves a massive conspiracy or magic or black magic. This is our media every Ron Pauler understands this now. The entire world has been decieved and James Randi just wants to stone wall this offer because of the timing. Very Good considering R.Paul is facing the same 'magic' control games. (imo)


The very public LARGEST AWARD IN HISTORY. Al Gore and Sir Richard Brandson have offered a 25 million dollar reward for environmental solutions. Contact has been made at several Virgin Stores, Airlines, emails and faxed YET NO REPLY!

This is an attempt to be awarded not one but two very well known awards that are REAL and very public.

A phone call went out to the National Enquire today regarding these attempts and they did not want to print this story. In fact once the operator was told she was being recorded she got very uneasy and hung up.

She was told, not to sell out and if the worlds largest reward is not a big enough story what about the solutions?

She got scared and mad (her fear was dually noted by bystanders and editors of blog media)

This is very real and documented at several sources. You may also call the National Enquire and ask why a story like this was not printed. Even if it was false like 'BAT BOY' is thought to be. 1-888-809-6799 Ask why she hung up. (owned by James Randi)
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