Alright first off.. My buddy told me this conspricay. First off you have j.f. kennedy. Throw in the beatles, and why not... throw in the illumnati. Alright follow with me now.. Im sure we all have heard this famous song "Being for the benifit for Mr.Kite". Alright Mr.K is J.F.Kennedy the day he dies... We all kno J.F.K Wanted to Change the world.. The song relates to this in a weird way. And i think we all kno jfk got killed, by .. u guessed it.. the illumnati.. Now picture this.. throw that all in together and try to get some facts out of the song and post ... POST POST.. OPEN UR MINDS PEOPLE. If i get a good response ill add more to this conspircay this is just to get peoples mind on this weird track One solid clue i found.. was "bishops gate" Witch is a gate at the jfk airport.. (Also a road in london yes.. ) but if u can find any clues post post post