I am excited to find a forum where the average man has the opportunity to express himself. Some place where you do not have to be acredited by some university to be heard. Free thinking is under attack all over the world. We are told we must attend college to have any say in our future. We must get the education were told, go into debt, work for the corporations and spend our life on a treadmill pursuing all that we are told we need. The universitys tell us how to think and try to mold our children into little pupits to continue down a path that perpetuates the corruption that is brought  on when so much power is in the hands of the few. Go outside and look at the real world that has been given to us. Let the profesors that want to embrace new thinking and help our children learn how to enjoy free thinking again, begin teaching something of real value.  Turn off the computor, turn off the cell phone, turn off the t.v., disconnect from all the distractions, and try to look at the world without all the noise. These distractions have been created to keep us in a cage, pursuing all that we are told we need. Insted of competeing to be the best, or make the most money lets help each other to thrive and learn how to live outside the cage, created by the powerfull people of the world. "Power currupts...total power corrupts totally" Lets open our eyes. BYE MAN