I'm all for beliefs and I'm also all for skepticism as well.  That's because I'm a firm believer in balance.  People these days tend to lean towards one mind frame or the other, I'm not sure why, I think people just like to pick sides and bicker with the other side.  That kind of reminds me of Rob's idea, my belief in balance (which is right side thinking) lets me see the big picture and allows skepticism (left side thinking) to question belief (right side thinking) and eventually leads to whether that belief is right or wrong to me.

Skepticism should be a tool that leads to belief, not a weapon to prevent belief.  What I tend to do is question something until I find no more reasons to be skeptical anymore.  Being stubborn is disharmonious.

Here are some examples:

I'm skeptical of a certain fast food chain because their meat may have had mad cow disease in it, I walk up to the door and see people already eating the food, I talk to the manager and he tells me that the problem has been solved, therefore I believe I should order some meat.

I'm skeptical of some crazy story that this guy is telling me, so I ask him some pretty specific questions and maybe he shows me the scars from the incident and they seem to check out, his friends even vouch for him for telling the truth, therefore I believe he is telling the truth because why would he just lie for the fun of it and get all of his friends in on it?

Now as for religions, skepticism has clearly beaten all of the monotheistic religions.  The eastern religions haven't even been scratched, in fact if science proves something wrong in Buddhism, the Dalai Lama will personally change the teachings of Buddhism to better suit the believer and belief system.  Humans aren't perfect and I'm pretty sure that our best guess at what is the absolute truth is nowhere near the absolute truth, you just have to be real and accept the fact that your personal view of spiritual and absolute physical truth is imperfect but it's the best that we have. 

My question is why do you have to denounce the other belief system and argue so much about your imperfect view of the universe, both external and internal?  Do you think all the world is just liberals vs. conservatives, atheists vs. theists, Christians vs. Muslims, stubborn skeptics vs. blind believers, good vs. bad, what can be vs. what is, external infinite vs. internal infinite, and A vs. Z?  I personally don't think people should  force others to have the same beliefs as themselves but we should be more accepting and tolerant of others when they are harmonious with the rest of society.