Lately, I have been learning a lot about reaching the postmodern generation for Christ. In order for Christians to reach those with the postmodern/relativism view, they must get into the lives of those people. They do this by being familiar with the music, literature and icons of the postmodern generation. This is necessary because we have to know what this generation is being fed in the media. Knowing what the postmodern generation believes helps the Christian to know exactly how to share the gospel with those who do not believe in any absolute truth. I used to think that getting involved with postmodern media was just a waste of time and was not necessary to witness. However, I now see the point of seeing exacatly where people are at and why they reject Christianity. What better way to reach a person for Christ than to show them concern for their beliefs. Although I see the need to be familiar with the media and secular worldviews, God also calls Christians to be holy and blameless in the world. Basically, I am wondering where to draw the line between knowing what is in the world and staying away from evil. Since God calls us to witness to a world that disobeys him, it takes careful planning on the Christian's part to be familiar while not being involved.