If the time could let her start all over again, she will be grateful to it. But in fact, the time can not return regardless of any excuses. About one year ago, she met him on a coincidence when she was a woman role of swordsman with 43 levels. At that time, she received a task to kill the king of foxes. But no person could bring her to assign it. Without any help, she only killed the foxes in the ridge of fox when he walked toward her side. She asked if he was going to the ridge of fox to kill the king of foxes. He nodded his head to make her very excited. In the following, she requested that if he could bring her to finish the task together. On hearing his answer, she was very disappointed that he was not willing to bring her together. In order to hide her bad feeling, she did not say anything but to agree with him. Hence, he asked her to stand outside the fence but he went inside to take over the king of foxes. It did not take him a lot of time to earn so much FFXI Gil that she thought that when she could get the strong as him. As time flied, the snow was over and over again and she was standing in a silver-white snow world by seeing him kill the king of foxes but she had nothing to help him. Then she said thank you to him and he said that it did not matter. At last, the king of fox was killed by him and she saw the explosion of the FFXI gold on the floor. At this time, she did not pick up anything to return to disband the team without any reasons. Maybe, it was the fate that he and she came across again. When she saw him, she took the initiative to give him her best wishes and he also said hello to me. He asked that why he did not see her after that meeting and did not wait her response to add her to his team. Finishing the talking, they went to the silver-white snow world again and he still killed his fox. Of course, she still looked at him. After killing the fox, he asked her to marry him and gave her some cheap Final Fantasy XI Gold as the gift. She was very moved by his behaviors because she will not to buy FFXI Gil by herself. However, she did not agree with him right now and told him that she did not want to marry at that time. He showed his surprise and did not ask her for the reasons.When she reached the 48 level, she got married with another man not him. When he knew the news, he also did not ask me why but gave me a lot of Final Fantasy XI gold to hope that I would be happy in the rest time.