Most people of my classmates play the game these days. And I learned the game about one month ago. In fact I am still a newer in the game. I learned to play game after I watched others playing. it was interesting. After browsing in the game site I choosed dofus kamas. In order to play the game better. I found one guy in the game to help me to learn to play the game. At first I know nothing about the game. I read the instruction about the game carefully. He asked me to follow him. He had 2 account, he lended one to me and showed me how do play. I followed him, flying, swimming. Running. It was so interesting for a new player. At first he tought me how to buy dofus kamas. It was simple I thought. Then he told to pick the items up when somebody throw them away. May be some times it was useful to you, he told me. May be I can meet monster in the game on the way. So I have to kill them, if I was failed to kill him, then I would be dead at last. It is dangerouns in the game as he told me. He showed me how to play with the monster, which was very strong. I thought I can not kill it. But if I was power enough it would be easy to kill him, he told me, and asked me do not worry . and there were also some game manager, who always appeared in the game when something happend. He can ban your account when he saw something was not legal happend, so everyone have to be careful. I learned fast after he tought me. I give his account back to him.I was very careful when I was fighting in the game. At firtst I make some friends in the game. Because I need help. Some time some one give me kamas. And help me out of problem. I was so happy to know them. and gave me help. cheap kamas did not cost me much money at first. Becouse I was newer. Some money wasted. Now I am familiar with the dofus gold. One time I met a monster in the game, and I killed it with sword. I got some experience in the game. which was useful. And I can also sell items to others to make money. I think I would do that not long time.