I am nineteen years old.  My parents are just barely old enough to remember the 1960's.  They speak with a great amount of pride and reverence about some of the great historical figures of that time period: John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr.  I would sit attentively and wide-eyed as they recalled the stirring speeches and endless optimism.  I envied them.  I wished there were some way I could have that same experience; the same excitement and honor to be a young person in America.  And then something happened Monday afternoon, Jan 28, 2008.  I was watching television and I saw a man named kennedy and a black man shaing the same stage.  They spoke pasionately and with confidence and prospect that contradicts the fear-mongering and partisan pettiness that is constantly spit at me through the screen.  I now watch my parents eyes fill with envy as they hear me speak of Mr. Obama.  He has given me something that should be afforded to all young people, in this country or any other.  He has given me a hope for a better tomorrow.  As others dwell on the past and scramble tirelessly to cover up mistakes and scandals, Barack Obama looks forward.  He admits to the failures of the very political system to which he belongs.  Politics are broken, politicians are broken, politcal parties are broken.  When leaders fail to lead it is the responsibility of the people to take control.  This is not the opinion of me, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton.  That is the premise that our founding fathers constructed the greatest nation in the world.  Thank you Mr. Obama.  Thank you for giving me a reason to believe that the men and women who died (including the three I listed before) and who continue to die today in an attempt to ensure a better future for those who come after them, will be able to see that "dream", if I might borrow a phrase, come to fruition.  Here's to looking forward!