For starters, let's just clear up a couple of definitions. According to Merriam Webster: atheist: noun; one who believes there is no deity. church: noun; a building for public, and especially Christian worship. Ok, now this is in reference to an idea by Daniel Dennett where he made reference to atheists needing churches. (search his name if you need to catch up) Mr. Dennett used the word "church" for lack of a better term to describe a public building for people who don't believe in a god to get together. Here's what I believe to be the main thrust of Mr. Dennett's idea. What if we had a place (and by we I mean everyone) where we could gather one day a week. We'll pick Sunday because I've heard some people already do that. This building would be large enough to accomodate a good number of people. The only criteria for gaining entrance is to be a person. You keep your atheism or thiesm, and any other "ism's" to yourself. Identify the needs of individuals as well as the community as a whole, and use logic and reason to solve them. Hell, even talk about 8 of the ten commandments, but call them something else. Pool financial and other resources when neccesary. Get it? It's like being a good Christian without the worship. Refrain from the comments stating you can't be a good Christian without worship. I know what you're thinking, and you know what I mean.