When i was a young man about 14 years old I was lying in bed thinking of what it would be like to die! after about an hour of meditation, I felt like i was falling into myself, but rather than jump up and wake myself I continued to let myself go.

I felt a thud and my awareness came back and I could see the ceiling right before my eyes , How can this be I thought to myself, and by will of thought I turned myself around and saw my physical body asleep in the bed. I then proceded to go though my bedroom wall and down the stairs, when I had the shuddering thought that maybe I am dead! That thought put be back into my physical body my life was never the same again.

Since then I have learned that this was an OBE but there is so much on the intenet about it but to have one is truly life changing. If you also look on the internet you will see alot about the pineal gland being a stargate I really believe this because it explains how the human mind can alter another realm of consiousness, the universe is a chemical wonder that can be maipulated by the pineal gland

and viewd in an entirely different perspective. Open you mind and it will show you wonders.