Resonator:  I think this should be an entertaining thread for all of us to enjoy.  I'm going to have fun doing this because it's something new about myself that I recently discovered, and is going to impact my life and I want to explore it. 

Symbiote: Well, the former part of that sentence is true but the true question in his heart is where does it lead yourselves?  When you ask a question, be sure to remember just what it is you wish to seek and what you expect to receive will be self answering to the question at hand.  Resonator?

Resonator:  I predict the future, so I would like to ask the members of the audience to bear with me here and humor me as best as possible (Without the humor part :P).

Begin!  Ask away!

Symbiote:  This will have no repercussions in your mind when you learn what you wish.  Take the words wisely and sincerely for they benefit the cause of your strife.